Presenting a product and service approach which will provice facility to its farmers by closely following the developments and changes of its sector.


Tessa Machinery; All products are followed up from the first stage of production to the final product with its experienced personnel in 12 thousand m² closed and 8 thousand m² open area. All necessary tests are strictly followed at every stage of production.


Tessa Machinery Keeping customer satisfaction on top of everything, with a service concept and a continuous focus on the value of its activities, creating value for all stakeholders from customers to suppliers, employees to society.


Tessa Machinery is a foreign trade brand of Torunoğlu Tarım Mak.San.Tic.Ltd.Şti.Our company aims to increase its market share since its inception. The trust of customers in the products and services offered is essential.


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Tessa Machinery has taken the first step in the sector in 1977 at its workshop in the Small Industrial Zone by manufacturing planters, plows, trailers and cultivators. The firm has performed the

productions of beet harvest machine towards the end of 1980, the mechanical beet harvest machine in 1991 and hydraulic beet harvest machine in 1996. In 2003, the firm has begun
manufacturing mechanical and hydraulic hydraulic rotary cultivator (garden hoe) and leopard. Along with the production of leopard machine which the firm has begun in 2007?
Tessa machinery has become one of two firms in the world performing such production and with this success the firm has justified proud of both showing its difference in the sector and making a name for its country. Tessa machinery which follows the sector-related development and changes through its Research and Development Department; continues studies on new
machinery inventions for ensuring facility to its farmers and take firm steps forward to become the leader of its sector with the support from its target audience. In our factory with
12.000 m2 covered and 8.000 m2 open space established in the Organized Industrial District of Karaman in 2009, we follow advancing technologies very closely and continue our studies and activities on inventing new machinery. Tessa Machinery is a Torunoğlu Tarım Mak.San.Tic.Ltd.Şti brand.



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