• Product Name:TMSA
  • Category:3-5-7 70 CM INTERROW HOEING MACHINE

 It is suitale for hoeing the interrows of plants planter in rows such as cotton, beet, sunflower, com, soy, tomato, bean, melon or watermelon and collecting weeds. It protects the field from weeds. It loosens soil, aerates it and enables it has sunbath. It ensures better penetration of fertilizer into soil.By mneans of its spring-loaded goose-foot, it does not compress/compact the soil bottom and it does not prevent olant growth. It is a machine which can be also be used in stony fields. It can be used by tractor with lower house power regardless of horse power foctor of your tractor, It provides 70-80 % saving grom hoeing workmanship. It disintegrates clods and levles soil by means of the rolling cylinders connected rear side of the machine. If it is desired a fertilizer spreader mechanism can be attached to it.