• Product Name:TDR POWER HARROW
  • Category:ROTOVATOR
  • Main Category:ROTOVATOR GROUP


Vertical Rotary tiller TORNAGA Robust, powerful and reliable structure, easy to use and responsive to every need, large model in machines with a range of tillage and seed bed preparation and and contribution to the soil and plant professional angaged in the technical sense in terms of the most successful business machine. Engaged in deep processing of up to 28 cm from the soil in the direction perpendicular upside down with the movement of the mixer blades without lumpo-resistant handles and base stone for the formation of soil moisture will be retained blocked. Mechanical, with rollers on the back of annealing of processed soil keeps the soil by applying pressure. soil of water and air permeability allows the construction of the ideal granular. Optimum seed bed for germination and growth conditions Prepares and after a successful farm output provides increased plant yield and economic value. Different working widths up to 4 meters provides great convenience with the option of doing business with highly productive. Optional hydraulic machine with a special gearbox attachment equipment connected to the tail shaft on the back of another, so you work at one time by more than one time and fuel In providing savings in farm traffic will be reduced. Tith safety system used on the machine shaft, machine, stone root that may occur with the use of any tractor or machine malfunction prevented. 


DM Heavy-Duty Type Power Harrow Power of Tractor Work Width Total Width Hoe Quantity Weight Cultivation Depth
Type kW / Hp Cm Cm Quantity Kg Cm
2500 59-103 / 80-140 250 260 20 1200 30
2750 66-103 / 90-140 275 285 22 1275 30
3000 66-103 / 90-140 300 310 24 1350 30
3500 81-118 / 110-160 350 360 28 1500 30
4000 88-118 / 120-160 400 410 32 1650 30